Post Graduate Diploma in Diagnostic Ultrasound (D.D.U)


Diploma in Diagnostic Ultrasound (PGD-D.D. U)

MBBS/BDS  (For Medical Graduates)

 B.S Allied Health Profession(16)Educations

Introduction: Health care practices are evolving and improving each day. As soon a patient visits emergency room/physician’s Clinics or diagnostic centre, he/she wishes to get examination process completed soon. Physicians treating the patient also share the same wish as the patient because this not only impacts health but time and cost too.

Health Services Academy(HSA) Government of Pakistan, an academic international collaboration  with Institute of Allied Medical Professions   (IAMP) offers a variety of ultrasound educational programs to train medical and allied health practitioners how to scan, interpret and integrate their findings to enhance patient care. Each program provides extensive theoretical and practical experience to each user group, preparing and equipping them for a career using ultrasound in clinical practice.

Post Graduate  Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound ( PGD-DDU) is an internationally accepted professional qualification certifying those specialist clinicians performing diagnostic ultrasound services. The PGD- DDU is a self-paced course, whereby candidates prepare for a range of assessments in their own time using a variety of learning materials.

A PGD- DDU graduate is a specialist medical practitioner who has overall responsibility for ensuring the most accurate and valid information possible is obtained from the ultrasound examination. The PGD- DDU graduate is then responsible for using the acquired information to meaningfully contribute to clinical patient management and would usually have diagnostic ultrasound as a major focus of their practice.

Ultrasound Diagnostic examination is well trusted by physicians and surgeons as non-invasive first line of diagnostic process. Ultrasound is a safe and widely available diagnostic tool. Ultrasound as the name indicates uses sound waves rather than ionizing radiations which is a major benefit of the examination. The level of knowledge and training on the part of practitioners is accordingly highly diverse. Worldwide, there is great variation in both the sophistication of ultrasound equipment and the qualifications of those providing diagnostic ultrasound services.

The versatility of ultrasonography in assisting the diagnosis of a broad range of diseases along with the widespread availability of low-cost general-purpose scanners with superior performance has encouraged the use of diagnostic ultrasound throughout general medicine and paediatrics, Surgery practice and other specialties.

Medical specialists other than radiologists are increasingly wishing to undertake ultrasound examinations on patients referred to them for their clinical opinion as a direct extension of their clinical examination. This may take place in the outpatient department, on the wards and in the assessment of emergency patients. Clinicians are also using ultrasound to assist in practical procedures such as central line insertion.

Physicians are eligibility to appear recently, the American College of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) registration through examination in Pakistan in a joint initiative with the American Board of Radiology revised the criteria by which each Diploma in Diagnostics Medical Ultrasound is expected to be evaluated during their training years.

The Diploma in Diagnostic Ultrasound (PGD- D.D.U) Course work provides a combination of academic and clinical elements signifying the importance of ensuring graduates from this programme will be eligible for registration with the regulatory body in the ultrasound scope of practice. Register PMDC. The requires education providers to ensure that graduates have a sound knowledge and skills base to practice as a Sonologist M.B.B.S with PM&DC registration (Level-II(a)

Preferably House job in Radiology or one year training in Designed for medical professionals wishing to obtain further expertise in ultrasound for clinical practice. This course is particularly valuable for rural GPs, anaesthetists, GPs, emergency physicians, surgeons and cardiologists, and other medical specialists. Allied health specialists are interested in completing individual subjects to enhance their practice.

 MBBS/ BDS (Level-I) after one year house job, PM&DC Register as Diploma Level (II-a)

 12-month course work. ( PGD-DDU)  Registered with PM & DC: Level-II(a) or II(b)

 Clinical Hand on Training : After complete PGD- D.D.U course work mandatory to complete logbook one thousand (1000) Cases unaided in one specialty under the supervision of relevant subjects. HSA will Postgraduate Certificate in Clinician-Performed Ultrasound  (PG Cert CPU)  PMDC register   Level-II(b) Equivalent

B.S. (16) years, Allied Health Professions:  B.S Medical Imaging with safely and effectively by meeting the criteria for competence in ultrasound. Allied Health Professions Council of Pakistan

  • B.S(16) years of Allied Health Profession: i.e., MIT or MID After complete PGD- D.D.U   Course work and 1680 Clinical cases complete
  • Registration with Allied Health Professionals Council Act,2022
  • Private Practice in Health care will be allowed after passing Licensing examination.
  • Eligibility : American Registry Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS)examination conduct (A group 25 ) in  Islamabad .
  • Program Overview:  The specializations Post Graduate Diploma in Diagnostic Ultrasound (PGD-D. D. U course work is consisting of 30 credit Hours of taught coursework and can be completed in 12 months. HSA award PGD-DDU.
  • Clinical Cases : In your city in Government  hospital under the supervision Clinical Consultant with Logbook 1680 Clinical cases  submit to  Health Services  Academy register clinical cases may  issue training certificate must be register separately. Postgraduate Certificate in Clinician-Performed Ultrasound  (PG Cert CPU)
  • Students will be expected to spend approximately 15 hours of study for each 3-credit hour course. In specializations with a clinical requirement
  • International Faculty Online  (USA) Expert in their subject specialty OB GYN, General(Abdomen)
  • All courses will be delivered fully online, 90 % attendance ,70% passing course work is mandatory.
  • Each student is required to complete 10 courses, all of which are compulsory.
  • (30 credit hours) prerequisite in first semester (Two courses), second semester
  • (One Course) 09 credit Hours being common to all Medical. Graduates and B.S Allied Health Professionals

POST GRADUTE   Diploma in Diagnostic Ultrasound (PGD-DDU)

S.NoCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
1DMU  201Ultrasound Physics & Instrumentation03(3,0)
2DMU 202General Abdomen04(4,0)
3DMU 203Clinical Applications Ultrasound Abdominal03(3,0)
4DMU 301OB GYN Ultrasound  04(4,0)
5DMU 302Second and Third Trimesters            03(3,0)
6DMU 303Ultrasound Clinical Applications OBGYN03(3,0)
7DMU 304Principles of Clinical Ultrasound02(2,0)
8DMP401Fundamental Medical Physics03(3,0)
9MTH 402Fundamental Calculus03(3,0)
10SDP403Essentials DICOM & PACS02(2,0)
                                                                                        Total                          30

Note: Each subject has one Specialty (i.e.) OBGYN / General (Abdomen) *as this course is a prerequisite for all the other ultrasound-specific courses, it is expected that students complete this in the first semester of their programme of study

Intended Learning Outcomes

Knowledge: Post Graduate Diploma Diagnostic Ultrasound(PGD-DDU) should have acquired:

  • A body of knowledge that includes the understanding of recent developments in a discipline and/or area of professional practice in the discipline of Clinical Ultrasound
  • Knowledge of research principles and methods applicable to learning in the discipline of Clinical Ultrasound.

Skills: Post Graduate Diploma Diagnostic Ultrasound will have developed:

Cognitive skills to demonstrate proficiency in theoretical knowledge of clinical ultrasound and to reflect critically on theory and professional practice or scholarship Cognitive, technical, and creative skills to investigate, analyses and synthesis complex information, problems, concepts, and theories and to apply established the practice of clinical ultrasound Cognitive, technical, and creative skills to generate and evaluate complex ideas concepts at an abstract level.

Communication and technical research skills to justify and interpret theoretical propositions, methodologies, conclusions and professional decisions to specialist and non-specialist audiences Technical and communication skills to design, evaluate, implement, analyses, theories about developments that contribute to professional practice or scholarship.

Application of Knowledge and Skills:  Post Graduate  Diploma Diagnostic Ultrasound will demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills: With creativity and initiative to new situations in professional practice and/or for further learning, With high-level personal autonomy and accountability. To plan and execute a substantial capstone experience to new situations in professional scientific practice and/or for further learning.

Career outcomes:  As clinical Diagnostic  ultrasound  becomes more widely accessible, medical professionals with relevant knowledge are increasingly sought after.

  • This program can help you develop the skills to confidently undertake clinical ultrasound within your existing practice.
  • This course does not qualify to be a sonographer. It is for those medical health practitioners who wish to incorporate ultrasound into their practice.

PG Diploma with relevant Specialties: 06

  • OB GYN Ultrasound
  • Gastrointestinal Ultrasound (Abdomen)
  • Urological Ultrasound
  • Neo natal Ultrasound
  • Vascular Ultrasound
  • Small Parts Ultrasound (Thyroid, Breast & Prostate)

Each Specialty must enrol students at least 20-25 to offer a program.

Prerequisite: for Medical Physics & Calculus, essentials DICOM & PACS

Objective  of Program : For the candidate to demonstrate knowledge of the broad professional, ethical and legal principles and requirements that are particularly applicable to ultrasound practice as foundational knowledge for ongoing practice in the field of diagnostic ultrasound.

  • According (WHO Almeta accord 1998) ultrasound diagnostic  is basic tool like stethoscope.
  • It is sounds base  different from Radiology that radiation base . For the ultrasound diagnosis required medical graduate gave then academic and professional ultrasound  clinical training with the title “ Sonologist” their 10 different specialities in the felid of diagnostic ultrasound
  • . Ultrasound has many uses, both diagnostic and therapeutic.
  • To support Sonologist train the Sonographers  who develop medical imaging ultrasound.
  • Vicarious liability, particularly as relevant to other staff that sonographers. Vicarious liability, particularly as relevant to other staff, for example sonographers.
  • Issues of negligence, including malpractice and misdiagnosis.
  • Report writing standards and requirements; Data record keeping and archiving requirements.
  • Electronic transmission and storage of data including Picture Archiving and Communication
  • Systems (PACS), telemedicine and other means of data transfer.
  • Privacy , confidentiality issues, including those related to electronic transmission of data.
  • Legislative requirements for Medical  relatable examinations including equipment.
  • requirements and practice standards


  • The programs are designed to give you the latest, cutting-edge knowledge and skills in the discipline of your study.
  • The  Postgraduate Diploma programs enhance job potential, employability, and career promotion to higher professional positions.
  • Total Credit Hours: Postgraduate (PGD) 30 Credit Hours.
  • Modes of Delivery : The courses are offered in the following mode students.
  • One line Mode: Synchronous and Asynchronous ONLINE learning
  •  Faculty : PhD in artificial intelligence own subject specialty
  • Post Graduate Diploma  Diagnostic Ultrasound Accredited with Higher Education Commission (HEC)
  • Award PGD Diagnostic ultrasound Diploma : Health Services Academy (DAI ) ,Islamabad, Government of Pakistan , Federal Charter (Act 2018).
  • PM&DC Register  ( MBBS/BD ) : A new postgraduate program /training  site under the section 25 of the PM&DC Act, 2022. *Level – II (a) 1 year after Level-I Postgraduate Diploma( Islamabad, 23rd June 2023)
  • Allied Health Professional Graduates Register : Act 2022 the provisions for the establishment of the Allied Health Professionals Council March 5, 2022, sections 2(a), 10, 17 and 25)

Fee Structure: (PGD-DDU)

Admission   Processing/Admission  Fee  (One Time)          Rs  25000

Tuition Fee( per semester) :                                              Rs 200,000

Course Registration Fee          ( per semester) :                  Rs 20,000

Examination Fee                     ( Per semester ) :                 Rs 30,000

(a) For Admission online Bank Transfer receipt:

Account #  PK51HABB 00243370003695, Habib Bank Ltd (HBL) Branch COMSATS , Park Road , Islamabad , with Academic Documentation , C.V., NIC copy 2-ppsize Photograph. Admission form fill. (for Record) 

(b) Bank Deposit/Online Transfer (Tuition Fee for PGD -DDU)

National Bank of Pakistan(NBP) Branch Park Road ,Islamabad

Account # 1654-4018305850   in favor of “Health Services Academy” Islamabad


Please Contact :

Prof.Dr.Shafaat. Ahmad Khan


Advisor, (Allied Health Professionals)

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